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At OEI we strive never to lose sight of the simple fact that technology--however advanced or complex it may become--is only a tool. We understand technology, using it on a daily basis as a means to meet our customers needs or wants, and not as an end unto itself. The following are a list of some of the Information Management capabilities we have demonstrated:

Management Information Systems Requirements Analysis

The Internet environment offers significant advantages as a vehicle for management systems of all kinds. Rapidly expanding database capabilities, together with security, monitoring and evaluation tools, provide a basis for effective communication and record keeping, in a browser environment that workers are already familiar and comfortable with using.  Understanding of the technology is of limited value, however.  It is far more important to understand what the users of the technology need to do, and what knowledge they need to do it, and what role information technology can play in providing that knowledge.   

Research and Analysis

Extracting useful information from the torrent of data with which we are constantly bombarded can been characterized as trying to get a drink from a fire hose. The process requires sound subject knowledge, a keen eye for crucial details, the discipline to focus on those details, and the ability to express the information in a way that conveys effective knowledge to the user.

Market research is a particularly daunting challenge. Those who have useful market information know its value. Separating the wheat from the chaff is a continual struggle. However, the Internet is providing an increasing store of valuable market information for those that know where to look and how to extrapolate the data correctly.

As part of ongoing research and analysis efforts OEI continually surveys, evaluates and captures the best sources of information on a wide range of technical and managerial topics.

Training and Education

Training and education projects have ranged from executive management-level courses to CD-ROM resources for elementary education. Examples include:

  • Using the Internet in the Classroom, an on-line resource for teachers,
  • Holistic Instruction of Core Science Concepts (Department of Education SBIR)
  • Automated Teaching Aid for At-Risk Readers (Department of Education SBIR)
  • NRS Online, the current training site for the National Reporting System for adult education (NRS)

OEI has completed a corporate research effort in adaptive instruction. We believe that we can effectively implement the best current theories of education in a way that will dramatically extend our ability to test, characterize, and enhance human performance.

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