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Core Business
Integrated Knowledge Management to Empower and Enhance Performance.

About Us

Since 1981 Orion Enterprises, Inc. has provided clients with accurate and timely analysis of how world-wide changes in technology are likely to shape their future.

We understand technology development and application. Our expertise is founded on hands-on experience in corporate research and product development. We continually track new developments and applications.

We understand the critical nature and processes for reaching policy and management decisions regarding technology. What sets us apart is our proven ability to create a common understanding of technically complex issues among widely diversified audiences – including multinational groups of technical experts and interested parties lacking a technical background.

Our effectiveness is based on:
  • Knowledge of basic scientific and engineering principles
  • Understanding of customers' environment, frame of reference, and needs
  • Mastery of information management and communications skills
Our Philosophy

OEI employs technology creatively to enlighten and empower individuals and organizations in ways that reflect the best accumulated lessons-learned of humankind.

The Tools We Use

We utilize one of the most flexible methods for content management and Internet delivery: Open Source Software.

We offer agile development of content and effective modes of accessing knowledge.

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