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Orion Enterprises, Inc provided technology assessment and knowledge management services for effective international international technology security and export control policy decision-making. 

OEI's core business competencies included both substantive scientific and engineering analysis of state of the art and emerging technologies, creative application of knowledge management resources and on line training systems to empower and enhance individual and corporate performance.

Our product and service lines line included. 

  • tailored technical assessments
  • development and design of subject matter-specific web-enabled knowledge management resources
  • management and advisory support services for application owners and users
  • Interactive on-line education and training systems

Federal requirements for cybersecurity and cloud computing and other external factors affecting the nature of in-house R&D in the federal laboratory system ultimately created an operating environment demanding economies of scale beyond what we could practically aspire to achieve.  The key staff members involved in the work have exceptional technical skills. I will be updating this site over the next few weeks to provide additional contact information.  

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